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Little Pearl's Reflection

   Have you ever seen a falling star and quickly made a wish?  

   Have you ever looked at the night sky and enjoyed the beauty of the stars high above you?


   Little Pearl’s Reflection, Star Stories Learning Activity Books are for those children who enjoy and wonder about the stars. Astronomy is the oldest of the natural sciences. The earliest known, accurately dated, star chart is from ancient Egypt in 1534 BC, but the stars were viewed and studied even in prehistoric times. 

   Star Stories Learning Activity Books

(1 & 2) are divided into 5 parts:

  • Introduction to astronomy

  • Illustrations of series characters, based on the astronomy Little Pearl learned from her mother Anna

  • Illustrations of constellations and sky formations, that help children to visualize and IMAGINE

  • Information about each constellation and sky formation, which encourages children to THINK

  • Practice Pages, that allow children the opportunity to CREATE

  70% of all profit from book sales is designated for helping children via children's hospitals, charities, schools, and Ronald McDonald Houses.


   Best of all - it's fun and exciting for all ages to read and learn together!

Star Stories Learning Activity 

Book 1: NOW $6.99

SS Book 1   Cover_edited.jpg
Star Stories Learning Activity

Book 2: NOW $6.99

SS Book 2   Cover_edited.jpg
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