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"The Song of the Unicorns"
Volume 6

  Join Little Pearl and her friends as they continue their search for her lost mother, Anna. Meet Clive, the traveling sea turtle, and the three bears who help heal sick children arriving in Auxilio: Doc Campbell, a large panda bear; Nurse Ruth, a brown bear; and Nurse Mary, a polar bear. Discover the secret, as told by elderly Anich, of the 3-eyed dragon named Nagas, who once guarded Abraham and his tree brothers in Evergreen Forest. Do you believe in unicorns? Learn about the ancient magical Song of the Unicorns, which summons them from the caves of the Big Purple Mountain called Anokye. Read and listen as the doctor and his nurses help two fallen stars (Stella and Asterix - who is broken) reunite with their mother, then join everyone in the musical call to alert the unicorns and their leader, the flying White Unicorn, of the arrival of Little Pearl and her friends to Mt. Anokye.  

Doc Campbell Scan_edited.jpg
Doc Campbell
Nurse Ruth Scan_edited.jpg
Nurse Ruth
Nurse Mary Scan_edited_edited.jpg
Nurse Mary
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