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Welcome to the WonderFULL World of Little Pearl's Reflection!

Join Little Pearl and her friends
on their mystery adventure!


Little Pearl's Reflection
 Volume 1
"The Light in the Window"

  On the eve of her 7th birthday,  Little Pearl and her mother walk to a nearby meadow and lie down side by side to watch the stars. Little  Pearl falls asleep, but is suddenly awakened by a loud CRACK! When she opens her eyes, she sees blue skies and no storm clouds - then she realizes that her mother is GONE! Little Pearl decides to search for her lost mother by following the Old Winding River around her island and heading toward the Big Purple Mountain.  

  Come along on Little Pearl's birthday adventure! Help Little Pearl search for her lost mother! Meet Little Pearl's new friends: Miss Sophie, a blind old woman, who gives her a surprise birthday gift; Rusty, an inquisitive talking red bird; In-Out, a disappearing blue bunny; the Ponte V, a lovely and wise vine bridge; and Olivia, a shy, kind, and understanding yellow and orange fish.

  Read or listen as Little Pearl, now a teenager, relates the amazing tale of her search for her lost mother and of her exciting 7th birthday adventure! Follow the Old Winding River and travel across the beautiful Pacific Island of Luta toward the Big Purple Mountain ~ "where everyone who's lost goes!" 


 Little Pearl’s Reflection is a 7 book children’s mystery  adventure series. At the conclusion of each book, there are 3 questions for children and adults to discuss and reflect upon together,  plus a puzzle piece to help explain the mystery!

Plus - it is fun and exciting for all ages to read and discuss together!


Bring a light into a child's life: Read Together!


Bodil Sebrina Christensen

Meet Bodil

Danish Editions!

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Spanish Editions!

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Climb the Mountain

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